Patois, Soon Come

Patois, Soon Come is a personal essay I wrote for LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 4. This issue focused on food as “a way for us to make place and community for ourselves.” In the essay, I examine my relationship to food growing up as a person of Chinese-Jamaican descent and recount my first dining experience at Patois Toronto, a hybrid Asian-CaribbeanContinue reading “Patois, Soon Come”


Valedictorian: We know about humanity

I had the honour of speaking as the morning Valedictorian for the 2016 graduating class from the University of Waterloo Faculty of Arts. You can watch my address above at the 23:22 mark. A small excerpt of my speech was featured on the Faculty of Arts page and I’ve reproduced some more of my speech below.

Zine Workshops

It started as a hobby to take my mind off school and spend some time with my friends. As of 2020, I’ve made 15 volumes of zines. Many of them I produced myself from the attic of my rental house before going on to teach zine-making workshops in living rooms across the GTA. Monsignor DoyleContinue reading “Zine Workshops”

The Performative of Branding

The Performative of Branding is a work term report I wrote for the Department of English at the University of Waterloo as part of their co-op program. The purpose of the report was to connect my studies to my experiences during my internship at the Union Pearson Express during its launch. In this paper, I exploreContinue reading “The Performative of Branding”

Due: A Short Film

A short film created for my Designing Digital Video class in the fall of 2012. As part of a team of three, I produced “Due” in just 6 weeks as the final assignment for the course. Featuring many of my friends, it is one of the hilarious souvenirs I have from my university days.